Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Latest News

Monday nights have really taken off and it's an excellent way to start the working week, or to finish off a long hard Monday in the office!
The 4 sessions are working really well and it's great to see so many regular faces who have been with us over the last few months getting lots fitter, stronger, leaner and meaner! And also we continue to see plenty of new faces as well which is great news as Forest Fit gathers momentum and is proving to be a popular way to train.
Outdoor training is proven to significantly improve weight loss and increase aerobic fitness quicker than working solely in the gym. Forest Fit offers some great strength training as well as a host of aerobic activities like the infamous hill running challenges that we do on a regular basis.
We hope you are all enjoying the Forest Fit experience and both Charlie and myself will continue to develop what we provide and keep the training varied and interesting in the future.
Everyone is getting fit, and not just fit but 'Forest' Fit!