Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Forest Fit


Come back and join us!

Over 150 people have now trained with us. Every single person adding great camaraderie to every session.

Help us break our session record of 21 attendees.

1st session wednesday back after the holidays saw 16 join us with some regulars away on holidays still. We work hard to offer all different forms of training making each session varied concentrating on quality technique in all execises used to make us all toned, aerobically more efficient, lean and strong.

The Wednesday session at 9.30, and Saturday sessions at 9am & 10.30am have regular athletes who are without question getting fitter and we are upping the tempo accordingly. The Monday night session every week @ 6.30pm is where we have achieved our biggest turn out so far! More evidence people love training outdoors.

We hope to train with you again soon,

Kind Regards,

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