Wednesday, 26 October 2011

12 months of Forest Fit

Our anniversary! Me and Charlie have been delivering training sessions from Wareham Forest for12 months now and we are loving the sessions and everyone who is coming along to train with us. Great bunch of guys and gals and it is amazing to see all of you getting leaner, meaner, faster, stronger, healthier and fitter!
The sessions are always great fun, and challenging. We are still concentrating on making sure everyone is keeping good form with each exercise, pushing themselves when they need to, and generally looking after everyone who trains with us.
Spread the Forest Fit word as we continue to develop what we do. Forest Fitters are making it a great place to be to exercise and get exactly what you need from a workout!
For those new to exercise we welcome you to come along and give it a try, you will surprise yourself and have a lot of fun. Over 160 people have come along over the last 12 months and the majority of those continue to train with us on a regular basis.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday Night Circuit Training

Forest Fit is going on a trip! Monday nights are now moving to Wareham. Swanage and Wareham Rugby Club to be precise.

Same time: 6:30pm. Starting on 31st October

For one hour of excellent exercise, great fun and good times! Still only £5 per session.
There will be the added bonus of access to the changing facilities and water will be on tap to keep those water bottles filled up. We might even have some logs!!
Loads of exercises and the usual top quality training provided by Charlie and Steve.

The other sessions will continue at the Sika Trail as per normal. Wednesday mornings, 9:30am and two Saturday sessions. 9am and 10:30am.

We look forward to seeing everyone there and welcome to all newcomers. More information to follow when we have details. Here is a link to Google maps with directions for Swanage and Wareham Rugby Club